Mesos-Compose CLI Installation for Mesos-CLI

If you do not already have installe the mesos cli, please follow the steps under "Install Mesos-CLI" first.

The installation of the Mesos-Compose plugin for mesos-cli is done in few steps.

First, edit the mesos-cli config file.

vim .mesos/config.toml

Add the absolute path of the plugin into the plugin array:

# The `plugins` array lists the absolute paths of the
# plugins you want to add to the CLI.
plugins = [

  principal = "<framework username>"
  secret = "<framework password>"

A example for multiple mesos-compose frameworks:

  principal = "<framework username>"
  secret = "<framework password>"

  principal = "<framework username>"
  secret = "<framework password>"

As you can see, the "compose" section have to extend with the prefix of Mesos-Compose framework.

Now we will see the M3s plugin in mesos cli:

mesos-cli help
Mesos CLI

  mesos (-h | --help)
  mesos --version
  mesos <command> [<args>...]

  -h --help  Show this screen.
  --version  Show version info.

  agent      Interacts with the Mesos agents
  compose    Interacts with the Mesos-Compose Framework
  config     Interacts with the Mesos CLI configuration file
  framework  Interacts with the Mesos Frameworks
  m3s        Interacts with the Kubernetes Framework M3s
  task       Interacts with the tasks running in a Mesos cluster

Install Mesos-CLI

Download the mesos-cli binary for linux from here. Extract the mesos-cli and copy the file into your PATH directory.