M3s CLI Installation for Mesos-CLI

If you do not already have installe the mesos cli, please follow the steps under "Install Mesos-CLI" first.

The installation of the M3s plugin for mesos-cli is done in few steps.

First, edit the mesos-cli config file.

vim .mesos/config.toml

Add the absolute path of the plugin into the plugin array:

# The `plugins` array lists the absolute paths of the
# plugins you want to add to the CLI.
plugins = [

  principal = "<framework username>"
  secret = "<framework password>"

Now we will see the M3s plugin in mesos cli:

mesos help
Mesos CLI

  mesos (-h | --help)
  mesos --version
  mesos <command> [<args>...]

  -h --help  Show this screen.
  --version  Show version info.

  agent   Interacts with the Mesos agents
  config  Interacts with the Mesos CLI configuration file
  m3s     Interacts with the Kubernetes Framework M3s
  task    Interacts with the tasks running in a Mesos cluster

Install Mesos-CLI

Download the mesos-cli binary for linux from here. Extract the mesos-cli and copy the file into your PATH directory.